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If you are organized as a Search Fund seeking to acquire and assume the operation of a single privately owned company, look no further.  We love working with Search Funds!

Do us a favor.  Pick up the phone right now and call 10 Business Brokers / M&A Intermediaries.  The first question out of your mouth should be, "Do you know what a search fund is?". 

This shouldn't take long.  In our experience, and now in yours, most Business Brokers / M&A Intermediaries simply have either never heard of a Search Fund or don't understand the concept.  It's not that they are dumb.  Well, maybe it is.  We're not sure.  Anyways, now give us a call and see what happens.

We not only grasp the entire concept of what a Search Fund is we also have a very specific organized plan of action to assist you in your search. 

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