Acquiring  A Company

Selling Your Company

   You have worked hard to grow your company from infancy into what it is today.  You have managed to weather the million challenges it takes to own and operate a company year after year after year.  You have had many Christmas parties with your employees, perhaps have grown close to many of them, and are now looking at starting the process of letting go.  We know it's not easy, but it's time.

   Common Ground Mergers & Acquisitions is here to help you every step of the way. 

   Every company we sell starts with a conversation.  We need to understand your company thoroughly so that we are able to competently develop an offering memorandum.  It is from that offering memorandum that we develop an executive summary which is submitted to our extensive buyer network which includes hundreds of strategic and financial buyers.  We also develop a list of potential buyers which we review with you prior to approaching them about a possible acquisition.  This is intended to help ensure your data is kept confidential throughout the process.  Once we have a series of conversations with our prospective buyers, we arrange exploratory teleconference calls so that we are able to further investigate the buyer's interest and you are given the opportunity to ask your own questions directly from the buyers.

  All of these steps are intended to lead to one thing: offers!  Generally the offers come in the form of a letter of intent (LOI) which you will be given the opportunity to review in detail with your professional advisory team.  From those letters of intent you will be able to select which buyers you want to work with and in what order.  The begins the due diligence process which ideally leads to the opening of escrow and closing!

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   There are really only two ways to grow a company: organically and acquisitions.  Organic growth means you add client/customers through the traditional sales and marketing channels most companies employ to growth their customer base.  Acquisition means you decide it's more cost effective to simply buy those customers buy acquiring another company similar to yours (although there are many reasons to acquire a company other than growth!).

   Regardless, whether you have been through the acquisition process in the past or are brand new to it, Common Ground Mergers & Acquisitions is here to help. 

   Our first step in assisting you in the acquisition process is a full scale conversation and strategy session to best understand exactly what type of companies are best suited to your acquisition strategy.  By fully understanding the reasons for the acquisition approach, we can better assess the approach we take with prospective sellers.

   Once we have develop a full profile on your target market, we go to work.  First, we check with our local and national network of M&A advisors to determine whether they already have a seller that will meet your strategic acquisition needs.  Second, we dig deep into our extensive database of companies (which we pay thousands of dollars a year to develop and maintain) to assess the entire pool of prospective sellers based on the parameters we determined in the profile development step of the process.  Once we have developed a complete list of prospects, we scrub the list carefully to ensure that the companies whose profiles have been selected are still fully operational entities after which we approach them with an initial email and professionally written letter in the mail followed up by a phone call to promote further discussion. 

   Generally at this stage we provide the seller with a pre signed confidentiality agreement (NDA) you will have provided to us to present to prospective sellers.  Once they have signed and return the NDA, we set up an exploratory phone call between you and seller to further discuss the options before you both.

Call us today to better understand how Common Ground Mergers & Acquisitions can help you acquire a company.  866.802.0508